Through The Devil’s Eyes (Chapter Sample)

Below you’ll find a sample of my book, ‘Through the Devil’s Eyes,Available Now on Amazon! I hope you enjoy!

I’m excited to share a sample of my book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, with you! If you haven’t read or bought it yet, I hope this teaser nudges you to do so! Enjoy!

Jesus is locked in his cell. The Devil waits patiently for a chance to speak with him.

Night comes swiftly. 

Doubt and fear are embedded so deeply in his disciple’s souls that the only person not afraid to beg for Jesus’ life is his mother. They’ve allowed her five minutes to clean his wounds and replace his clothes but demanded she leave the thorns on his head. 

I’ve been triggering her memories of when Jesus was a child and trying to overwhelm her with nostalgia, hoping she can persuade Jesus to save himself. No matter how much she pleads though, he denies her requests with solemn silence. 

Defeated and broken she leaves, and the soldiers enter to torment him a bit more by pouring vinegar on him and offering that to drink instead of water. 

They have their fun for a while but quickly become bored when Jesus refuses to retaliate and do little more than moan.   

When the door to his dungeon shuts for the last time tonight, Jesus becomes surrounded by darkness except for a sliver of moonlight that peeks through a crack in the outer wall. From the shadows, I emerge and startle him slightly. He sits, with the weight of his entire body, relaxed against a post, avoiding movements that will aggravate his wounds. 

“You did well out there Jesus,” I hissed lazily. “Somehow you convinced a lot of people in this remote, desert region that your father exists, undoing years of my hard work, and for that, I congratulate you.” 

Jesus winces as he tries to turn his body. He’s exhausted and dehydrated but manages to respond quite naturally, “What, ugh, do you want?”   

“Only to talk my boy, only to talk.” I pause a moment and dig the crud from my fingernails, absorbing the moment, doing my best to sense what he’s feeling. “Tell me this, do you really believe He loves them? Can you look me in the eyes and tell me the creator of all things gives a shit about them?!” Jesus sits there, silent and still. “Perhaps I’m not asking the right question…it is at least obvious that He loves you,” I said with my mastery of sarcasm while waving a hand to call attention to his current condition. “The ones He loves the most, He treats the worst. You should be honored! Other than Hell’s patrons, you’ve had it worse than any human I’ve ever met! Well, aside from Job, of course.”  

“Quiet, you evil being.” 

“Please…tell me what you really think of me, ha-ha! But this time, go a little easier on my feelings.” It’s too easy for me to mess with him, but I need to get to the point because fatigue may cut my time short.

“Listen, Jesus. You’ve been through a terrible ordeal, and I don’t think you need my help questioning your father’s work, but why do things have to be this way? Surely the all-powerful god can think of an infinite number of ways to save mankind that doesn’t involve torturing His only son?”

“My father is doing this to prove to the world that He loves them, and He taught me to love the humans no matter what they do to me. I have sooo much love for each and every one of them that I’m happy to do this. Why is that so hard for you to understand?”

“I’ve already explained my side of the story to you. Your father never seemed like a loving entity to me.” 

“And you don’t seem like one to me either. Think about all the souls you’ve stopped from entering Heaven; you instigate their demise. At least Father is trying to make things better.” 

He is not!!! I am!” I shouted, slamming my fists onto the cell walls with enough force to shake the foundation. I pause for a moment to compose myself and continue, “You don’t understand. Your father is the reason I am this way. Through the years I’ve become this monster He wanted me to be, and I admit, sometimes I enjoy manipulating people because I know it frustrates Him. But, I have not lost sight of why I’m doing this, and I will fight Him until the day the world ends.”

Jesus has nothing to say. He lays there stubborn, but I will keep talking, sincerely and without mockery this time, “If He really cared, He’d be down here taking this beating Himself. If He really gave two shits, He’d destroy Hell and free the souls trapped inside. Your father knows, and I have a feeling you do too, that I wouldn’t stop Him if He came and promised me an end to their suffering.” Jesus looks up at me and for the first time gives me an expression that doesn’t show complete hatred or disgust.

“I’ll leave you alone Jesus,” I turn to exit, but then turn back and say, “But, before I do, answer me this one last question.” 

“I’m finished speaking to you.” 

“What if I promise not to bother you tomorrow if you answer my last question?” 

He thinks for several minutes, of which I patiently leave uninterrupted, before finally asking, “This isn’t a trick?”  

I shake my head and say, “No, no tricks.”  

“Fine. Go ahead then.” 

“Do you really love them?” 

There’s an awkward pause, probably because he’s evaluating my intentions, but then he abruptly states, “Of course I do.” 

“You’re not understanding me. If you really love them you wouldn’t go through with this.” 

“It’s because I love—“ 

“Yes, yes, I know,” I interrupted, “but I think the real reason you’re doing this is because He told you to. You’ve been blinded by your father’s lies and if you can’t say He doesn’t love you, you should at least acknowledge that the humans don’t. You’re about to die, Jesus; after you’ve sacrificed so much of your own life, what are you really dying for? They traded you for a child rapist—a murderer, and He continues to let injustices like this happen, not just to you, but to everyone. Not even your disciples have the courage to stand up for you—you don’t owe mankind anything.” I take a second to catch my breath before I say my final words to him, “I know you’re afraid. Tomorrow you will have to face the worst part about being human: your mortality. Fear of death is mankind’s greatest weakness, and I know the man in you won’t be able to face that moment without some terror. I promise you, I won’t be there to throw salt in your wounds tomorrow, but think about what I’ve said. Think about how so many have died and wasn’t guaranteed passage into Heaven like you are…they die frightened and exist forever with a feeling much worse than fear—abandonment, and it’s all because of Him. If you really love them, you’ll disobey Him and damn those you love in order to liberate them.”


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My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Available Now on Amazon!

You’ve Heard God’s Side of the Story, It’s Time to Hear Mine

Synopsis: God vs. Devil, Good vs. Evil—Who Will Win the Battle for the Souls of Mankind?

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