There’s Something Wrong Here…

I can’t seem to put my finger on what it is. Things just don’t feel right.

Maybe it’s the change of lifestyle due to Coronavirus precautions. Or maybe the media’s gloomy outlook (not that it’s much different now than before) has sucked the optimism out of me. Perhaps it’s the lack of control over my own life or the Grim Reaper’s watch ticking louder as he draws nearer with each passing day.

While these are likely to contribute to a decrease in serotonin levels in all of us, I don’t think they’re it. There’s something else and it’s disheartening.

Perhaps, it’s mankind as a whole.

There’s seems to be something wrong with the way we treat each other. Our capacity to do good is unlimited but many would rather focus their time and attention on themselves, often hurting others in the process.

It’s in the way we talk, interact, or ignore people who could really use our attention. It’s how some of us don’t move aside or share the space on the sidewalk or block someone merging on the highway; our selfishness has been on full display, even before the toilet-paper hoarders and spring-breakers.

Narcissistic patterns of behavior embraced by the majority can leave others feeling like they’re all alone and can’t count on others to practice human decency. And during a crisis, when we need to band together stronger than before, we shove others aside to preserve our own. It doesn’t seem right in a modern, “Christian” nation.

Instead today, and all throughout history, countless endeavors of pain and suffering are experienced by the hands of our fellow species-members. Talks of peace have been prominent in teachings from the Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi, etc., but thousands of years later and we still haven’t figured it out.

Money and Greed: Our Priorities are out of Whack.

The prophets I mentioned earlier spoke of greed:

“The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Money is our new god and I’d be willing to debate anyone on that subject. Our entire infrastructure depends on it!!! How is it we’ve become so reliant that we prioritize economic status over people’s lives and well-being?

Money rules and controls all and most of us don’t see it. Greed dwells in the shadows as our primary motivation and is the puppeteer behind every organization. While some may argue money is a good tool to motivate people (it probably is a necessary component in driving productivity), its importance should not be elevated beyond basic human needs.

We glorify, idolize, and worship those who have more but our praises are misplaced. Hopefully we’re learning what and who is really worth our adoration (not celebrities, rich people, etc.).

Greed and comforts have us taking more than we give; from each other and mother earth. Don’t believe me? Look around your house and count all the things you need vs. items you don’t. And be honest! Most of what we have are cosmetics—acquired to maintain the lifestyle of the modern human.

Also, some of us take advantage of people’s kindness until there’s nothing left, and deny it all you want, but man has done a lot of damage to its habitat. You need only look outside to see how big an imprint we’ve had on the planet (consider what was once open fields and replace it with asphalt for our highways; trees torn down to build our homes to fit our stuff).

Lies, empathy, and beliefs.

Lies are told so often it’s easy to mistake one for the truth. They trap us in many ways (see the following links for more: link one & link two). Even the lies we use to protect the feelings of others can ensnare us given enough time. What’s worse, they can cause harm to the individual we’re trying to protect. In some scenarios, it’s best to be honest to help someone than fear losing them because it hurt their feelings.

Sadly, I’ve noticed many of us don’t have empathy until something directly affects us. I’ve mentioned in previous articles how I didn’t give two darns about cancer until my brother was diagnosed; it should’t come to that.

Social media has made us all into know-it-alls. We tend to think we know better because of where our beliefs align with society but if we dig deeper, it turns out most of us don’t know anything. Let this be a warning: just because a meme or blurb you see on the internet aligns with your point-of-view, doesn’t mean it’s accurate or true.

Think for yourself. If something sounds right, you should still question it. Ignorance is bred in bubbles of reinforcement (indoctrination).

A Few Closing Thoughts.

I’m sorry for how vague and negative some of this content is. It pained me to write this as there’s so much good out there. But to be frank, it often feels like I have to dig through a pile of shit before it’s visible.

Holding onto our convictions can be an admirable trait, but it becomes dangerous when it suffocates our ability to grow or change perspectives.

And I hope you know, wanting a better life and being scared are natural. Instinct is a strong influence but there’s room to include others in our efforts for preservation and success. Death should not scare us so that we trample over others, and we should avoid the same over money.

Before You Go!

What do you think? Do you feel as I feel? Or am I just blowing smoke? Please be sure to voice your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section or contact me directly!

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