The First Snowfall of Winter

The older I get, the less tolerant I become of all things associated with winter. Last night confirmed this when I stepped outside to throw the trash out, and the wind was so icy it felt like it was going to peel layers of skin from my face. I mumbled swear words all the way to the dumpster and back, eventually asking the question I ask myself every year, “Why do I put myself through this?”

Again, the older I get the worse winter seems; it becomes dark at 4:30pm, people lose the ability to drive, the holidays begin to feel like a hassle instead of a celebration and to top it all off, it is flippin’ cold!

But as I ventured outside this afternoon to let my dog relieve himself, the resentment I had toward winter seemed to melt away. Tiny white flakes fell onto my glasses and melted immediately, leaving behind a crystalized view of the winter wonderland forming around me. The tips of the tree’s branches were dusted a light silver while the grass was becoming powdery, neither quite ready to hold the snow but there’d been enough frost build-up from last night to hold a considerable amount of it.

The first real snow of winter fell gracefully, almost melodically–the way it falls in nostalgic moments in classic Christmas movies. Within my first two steps outside I found myself sticking my tongue out to catch a few like I did as a young boy. I couldn’t help but to laugh at my childish self as memories flooded and nostalgia overpowered the negative impressions I’ve developed for the season.

As the flurries danced in the wind and gingerly found their homes on the sidewalks and car windows, I could hear the laughter of a child from around the corner. When he emerged in a coat rivalling the one Randy wore in A Christmas Story, I saw he had his arms extended and his tongue pointed up to the sky, pure joy expelling from his face.

When I returned to the warmth of my apartment the feeling conveyed on the boy’s face stayed with me. Suddenly I had a longing for all the good things from the past and the ones to come–my hands being warmed by a cup of hot chocolate, the smell of freshly baked cookies, and the thrill of flying down a giant hill on a plastic sled–which brings me to the point of this post.

The negativity in life can often hinder our ability to appreciate all the good things. Sometimes, all it takes is something small, like the first snowfall, to make us forget about all the things that make us unhappy. I’d encourage our readers to fill their lives with the things that remind us that life isn’t as bad as it seems so we can go on, in spite of the negatives, knowing there is joy to be found even when it might appear there is none.

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3 thoughts on “The First Snowfall of Winter”

  1. Love this article! So true. If only we could think this way every minute of our lives. I smiled as I drew the picture of the young boy in my mind.

    1. Loved this article too. We can think that way every day. Change your mindset. Find a “first” every day! Thinking negative only brings you down to their level.

  2. Loved this article! It reminds us of our childhood and catching snowflakes on our tongue for the first time, going sledding for the first time, or that first snow ball fight on our first snow day of the school year!

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