The Duality Within Us All

Within the depths of every human being lies a creature of unspeakable evil. This beast is always lurking, biding its time until given the opportunity to rear its ugly head. Many of us are aware of the creature’s presence. We hear it whispering in our ears, polluting our minds with sinister, vile, evil, angry, sick and twisted thoughts. For some, it lies dormant, caged and controlled, until its human host unwittingly releases it upon provocation. For others, it has completely taken over, manifesting itself as what we consider the dark side of humanity. Using our bodies as vessels, its only goal is to poison our perceptions and the world around us. This creature represents one half of the duality within us.

Of course, humans are far more complicated than a simple comparison to the dichotomous relationship between good and evil; labels we tend to assign our external and internal selves. Nonetheless, dividing the essence of our being into two distinct players makes sense when who we think we are, who we strive to be, and who we pretend to be in public is juxtaposed against the being inside us many deny exists. This is the part we hold back. The part of us we hide from others (for a number of reasons I’ll discuss in a future article).

The majority of my articles are a reflection of what I consider to be the good side of me. They are often an expression of optimism and hope for myself and the world as I’d like to see it. Unfortunately, darker thoughts often accompany the brighter ones, resulting in a never-ending battle over which side gets to maintain supremacy. I have to assume I’m not alone in experiencing this, which is why I’ve written this article.

The Light Side vs. the Dark Side

Talking about the darker side of ourselves is often considered taboo, but I thought I’d share a glimpse into mine. Perhaps someone out there will take solace knowing they are not alone (otherwise, to the looney bin I go). Below you’ll find a list of random positive thoughts accompanied by their negative counterparts.

I will never give up | I’m a loser and wasting my time. I’ll never achieve anything.

I can do anything I put my mind to | I suck at everything. I’ll never be good enough.

Life is a gift to be cherished | It is meaningless.

I’m going to put myself out there and see what happens | No one cares about what I say or do.

Humans are inherently good | Fuck people, I hate all of them.

That baby is cute | I want to punch it in the face.

There’s so much I want to experience | Life isn’t worth living.

My workouts and diets are going well | I’m still a lazy fat-ass.

There’s so much beauty in the world | Everything sucks, and the world is a pile of shit.

Today will be a good day | I wish I was dead.

What to do About the Dark Side

Believe it or not, everyone has these types of thoughts in one form or another. Trust me when I say they are normal⁠—intrusive, weird, and a bit sad⁠, but normal. It is when the bad ones become repetitive you know something’s off, and one should seek professional help if that is the case.

In my experience, the bad thoughts tend to be depressing, discouraging, or riddled with self-loathing, and there are times when I believe the pessimistic side over the positive. Those are the days when there seems to be more truth in the negatives, and the stuff coming from the optimistic side is merely delusion—a dream utopia forged by the hope found in my imagination. But I do my best not to allow the negatives to take over because I fear, if they do, there may be no coming back.

To better know ourselves and continue making improvements to our character and the world around us, we must acknowledge and confront the monster within instead of repressing and letting it fester into a mental illness. The bad thoughts tend to carry more weight and can crush us, trapping our souls in darkness so thick, light cannot shine through. Letting the monster take over could result in experiencing Hell on earth. It can poison your mind and the mind of those around you.

History has shown us what can happen when humans allow the monster to call the shots, which is why it is important for all of us to acknowledge the darkness’ existence. We mustn’t hide from it, but learn to tame/control it and use our knowledge of it to improve ourselves. Know that you are not alone in this— we all suppress the creature within us— and remember that you have the power to stop the beast from controlling you.

Before You Go!

Do you think everyone has dark thoughts? Do you? How do you overcome them? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Now Available at Barnes & Noble!

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Through the Devil’s Eyes is Also Available on Amazon!

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3 thoughts on “The Duality Within Us All”

  1. Thanks for putting this out there. I do believe most of us battle those demons on a regular basis and it is important to not allow those demons to take over. I also believe if you share how you feel with people, they typically judge or label you and deny their own inner demons.

    1. It is unfortunate but you are correct. To effectively rid ourselves of demons, we must face them out in the open. If everyone were honest it’d be easier to address some of their issues.

  2. Took me 70 years, but I finally figure out that the secret is to talk back to the demon. When it tells you no, say yes, I can. And then do it. It is possible to reprogram that little shit out of your mind. Only you (and me) have the power to deny that demon. I’ve told mine to fuck off many times and it works.

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