Technology: Too Much of It?

Is it just me, or are there others who feel completely overwhelmed by the condition the world is in?

I’m not just talking about the endless problems us humans need to address or the unsettling division within our society—these issues undoubtedly contribute to the stress we experience—but I’m referring to the consistent state of unrest we find ourselves in. To be frank, there is too much shit going on in the world and far too much shit to keep up with, and it’s taken the simplicity out of life.

How does anyone keep up with the constant changes?

Maybe I’m just getting old, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to change at the pace society does. New technology is released to us on a what seems like a daily basis and societal norms change—for better or worse—at a pace that exceeds my ability to follow, especially when considering the limitations of being an adult. Work, family, obligations at home, etc. restrict our exposure to the world which puts us inside a bubble, limiting our ability to change with the times.

Technology, which has consumed our society’s time and attention, was originally developed to make our lives easier/more efficient. It definitely has, in too many ways to count, but it has also reached the point where tech companies need to sell us devices that make it easier to use the devices we already own…think about that for a second.

I recently found out that there are phones which can attach miniature projectors, mobile printers, and have Mods pre-installed…let me ask you this: who needs that shit? And if you do need that shit, look at where your life is and what it’s become. Why do we think we need that much or have to integrate so much of it into our lives that we become suffocated by it?

Not only that but technology, and the media it hosts, creates these platforms so we become addicted to them. Every time my damn phone buzzes I feel like a hole is burning in my pocket if I don’t check it within a few seconds, rendering me imprisoned by the devices which were created to set me free.

During downtime at work (usually long bathroom breaks), I’m checking to see the latest trends on social media pages, reading the ridiculous “information” provided by the news, and playing mindless games to pass the time. It saddens me to think technology is no longer used for convenience, but it has become a necessity to occupy every precious second we have on this earth.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good technology has produced and has helped humanity thrive in ways our ancestors would be in awe of but, is there really a need for it to infiltrate everything that we do? Also, does it desensitize us to real-world experiences? Probably. I do know, based on my experiences with it, that it makes us lose touch with the physical world—essentially causing us to miss life as it happens right in front of us.

What do you think? Is there too much shit in the world? Or am I just blowing smoke? Feel free to leave your comments/thoughts/questions in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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2 thoughts on “Technology: Too Much of It?”

  1. Great article. A survey today on #MicrosoftRewards asked something like “what can you not live without, TV or your cell phone?” Obviously, cell phone won hands down. Back in my day, if it was TV versus landline phone, I’m sure TV would’ve won hands down.

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