So, Your Candidate Won (or Lost), What’s Next?

It was another interesting election season, to say the least. I, for one, am happy it is over because I can resume watching regular mind-numbing X-mas commercials instead of political ones. Let’s just hope the transition runs smoothly and the season doesn’t drag into the holidays (I’m being sarcastic because we all know it will!)

Either way, your candidate may have won, or lost, and I want to talk about what may be next for all of us.

The Media

I harp on the media a lot, I know, but you’ll start to notice a change in tone depending on which outlets you follow.

The majority of “left” leaning resources were recycling the same, tired rhetoric of how the “opposition” is a threat to our freedoms and democracy. They essentially told us the world was ending because every decision made by the acting president was the wrong one. Given how they’ve reported news in the past, I have no doubt they will be receptive to the president elect’s moves and will spin to defend them. They will also condemn the “right’s” methods of obstruction (when they inevitably occur) but overall, these outlets will take on a lighter tone.

I’m willing to bet the media that conforms to the “left’s” ideology will paint a rosier picture of our nation’s condition once Biden is sworn in.

For the last four years, the “right” leaning news outlets went to astonishing lengths to do what the “left” are about to do (unless you watch Laura Ingraham or Tucker Carlson who seem to be unaware that happiness/good things exist). Since the candidate they supported lost, they will be switching gears by conducting around-the-clock apocalypse specials—rest assured, chaos will ensue (according to them). Their doomsday broadcasts will be amplified to new levels until a right-leaning president is elected.

It will be entertaining to watch this happen.

The World

Who the heck knows what’s next for mankind? The systems and relationships in place are complex, fragile, and threatened every day. One wrong move can send us plummeting into chaos. I think President-Elect Biden is capable of restoring the illusion of stability, but I know nothing about foreign policy. I do know, however, that President Trump is not a good speaker and can assume his mouth did more damage than good with allies and enemies alike.

We will learn of the repercussions of either’s policies in the decades to come (unless an asteroid hits us or something).

The Self & the Family

We cannot deny the impact a president can have on its people, but we should be cautious to expect vast improvements based on who our leader is and the political ideology they embrace. Your life probably won’t change as a direct result of the election nor will you feel the impact of policy transformations, but your outlook may improve, or worsen, depending on the election results. Maybe we’ll see an expansion (or restriction) of rights, but I can almost guarantee—barring natural disasters, stock market crashes, or war—there will be little-to-no difference in your day-to-day life because of who’s president.

With that being said, if we want to see improvement in our lives and the lives of those around us, what really matters is what we, the people, do with our time. To quote Dr. Jordan Peterson, “We are a node in a network, and everything we do matters.”

I believe he is right.

The way we conduct ourselves, how we talk/interact with people, and the choices we make all have an effect on the world around us. So what your choice for president won or lost, what matters is the difference you can make. Start with yourself, fix what needs to be fixed so you’re equipped with a positive outlook and the strength to build your family up. Once your family has their shit together, move into the world and see what you can do there. Who knows, maybe your efforts will transfer to the people around you and your family and impact your environment for the better.

The people are what makes the world move. Strength lies within us. It is the president’s job to direct us forward but ultimately, it is our individual responsibility and duty to take the necessary actions towards improvement. They will not do it for us.

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My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Now Available at Barnes & Noble!

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Through the Devil’s Eyes is Also Available on Amazon!

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  1. I agree. Personal responsibility is key to moving toward. Only you are responsible for your happiness or despair.

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