Short Life Long Road

My First Post:

This is the first post I’ve ever written and I can’t say the road to this moment has been easy to traverse.

In the months leading to this day I’ve experienced the wonderfully frustrating, but ultimately rewarding, process of website building. I’ve learned a lot about patience throughout that time but consistently wished the agony would end so my hard work could be dedicated to creating content (and playing the occasional video game) instead of troubleshooting the never-ending browser issues–but I persevered.

On the side, I managed to map out the topics I wanted to discuss and even wrote excerpts for many of them, readying for the day I was free to begin writing. Well, that day has finally come–and as it turns out–it’s hard to write my first post and I don’t really know where to start…

Hours later…

I figure I should begin by outlining what Short Life Long Road is and what we want to accomplish (in case the ‘About’ sections weren’t explanatory enough).

What We’re Trying to Do:

The Big Picture:

We’ve all felt it before: the outrage boiling within us after reading an article we don’t agree with or seeing hateful comments beneath said article–it makes us want to explode! We want to get away from that. We no longer want to be part of the anger machine. Instead, we are driven by a machine that simply seeks understanding and wisdom.

Us here at Short Life Long Road have grown tired of all the angry back-and-forth and perception that there is only one right and one wrong. That’s nonsense. Everything should be challenged, especially our own beliefs, morals, and values. Even debating facts is important; not because they are wrong, but because some may interpret a fact differently than others. The goal here is examine why our interpretations differ and to bring perspective to things we may not know of or have difficulty comprehending.

We want this site to be a place for positive discussion where our readers, and ourselves, can express opinions without being labeled or called names, falling victim to the web’s “rage machine,” or being ridiculed for our beliefs. The sole purpose is to create an atmosphere where we can state our point of view, celebrate differences, bring new information to light, and discuss/argue (as civilly as possible) until an amicable resolution or agreement is reached. Doing this with a mutual respect will help avoid alienating those who may not share the same viewpoints.

We want our readers to look at the world with objectivity instead of simply defending or rationalizing what they believe in. We believe that promoting this type of thought process will eventually lead the world to becoming a more empathetic place. The only ways to do so are by sharing our position on a topic, patiently listening to what others say, and questioning all we know.

No two thoughts or beliefs are the same, so we feel it is our responsibility to challenge our readers to not only understand the depths of their own side (typically called a bias), or just the side of the person opposite them, but to see all sides and base conclusions about what’s right or wrong after examining every angle. It will be challenging but worth the time and effort if it means we can open our minds to different ways of thinking.

If we achieve nothing else with this site, we at least hope to entertain and make readers think a bit about why they believe what they believe.

How We Plan to Do it:

What We’ll Do:

–Provide a platform for those who see the world differently and seek greater understanding of what it means to be human.

–Post content worthy of discussion.

–Debate many subjects that affect us socially, morally, spiritually, etc.

–Enlighten others about ideologies either unknown or misunderstood.

The Reader’s Role:

Our readers will play a significant role in accomplishing the site’s Mission and be partly responsible for supporting the positive atmosphere we wish to build. We live in a modern society, and there’s no reason we can’t discuss and post comments without being negative toward our peers.

In future posts, we’ll discuss why it is harmful that we’ve created this culture where we “attack” one another on various social sites and belittle those who hold values that haven’t kept up with our current social constructs, but for now, keep in mind the importance conveying our thoughts to others in a respectable manner is (treat others the way you want to be treated), and sincerely consider what the other person has to say (no matter how misguided someone else’s thoughts may seem).

Another way to help with the site’s success is to comment as often as you can and share this with like-minded friends. This is a platform for those who wish to engage in a debate rather than yell silently at their computer screens.

We hope you’re as motivated as we are!

All in All:

We don’t know everything. We definitely don’t have all the answers and our insights and perspectives can be biased in many ways. Sometimes, we will be wrong or post content that you may disagree with or find insensitive. We urge our readers to engage in the debate with patience and understanding that we, and every person that visits the site, aren’t perfect.

Life is about experiences and they dictate what and how we learn. We only have a short amount of time to make sense of the vast amount of information, and it runs out quickly. We hope there’s enough time for the experience we’ve created here to fuel a thirst for knowledge and enlightenment that’ll help guide us towards acceptance.

Life is incredibly short but the road to achieve the items above is long. We hope our time traveled is spent learning and experiencing as much as the world has to offer. We hope you come along for the journey!

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