Our Misguided Focus

The content on the internet has dealt me a devastating blow over the last two weeks and is the reason our articles have been scarce lately. The distorted picture it painted of society has me questioning my faith in humanity, and the news has become so ridiculous that it defeated my ability to give a crap about anything it covers. Everything is outrage this-outrage that, violence here-violence there, side A slams side B while the Kardashians and Jenners show more skin. Despite having generated a lot of anger initially, I’ve become desensitized to it all and found myself scrolling through endless pages of articles mumbling to myself, “Who cares?”

Apparently, a lot of people do. Why else would all the news sources and social media feeds constantly be covering those topics? It’s mostly about generating revenue by attracting as many clicks as possible, which may have caused our society to be hypnotized by the media we’ve consumed.

Millions of children die each year from starvation, the natural earth doesn’t generate enough resources to feed the entire population, and there are two massive volcanoes on each end of the planet waiting to explode, yet we focus our attention on what Roseanne Barr posted in her Twitter feed. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes ignorance to problems we can’t control is bliss and attempting to fix social issues is very important and discussing/debating/calling attention to them will hopefully lead us to build a better community for all, but “news” like that only distracts us from more important things.

There was significant outrage over what Roseanne wrote but it’s hard to care when people in my community suffer from homelessness, crime, murder, drug addiction and countless other issues that are far more important than a television show getting canceled. Maybe it’s just my perspective but there seems to be something wrong with what is considered news and what we get outraged about.

All we’re trying to say in this brief post is that maybe our attention and our emotions are misguided at times. Maybe we’re focusing on the wrong problems or forgetting how lucky or blessed we really are. We all want a better world but it would seem our attentions are focused in the wrong directions. The media we consume can create a vacuüm, recycling the same old story while disguising it as informative and contorting our view until we stop thinking objectively. This vacuüm allows us to only see through a tunnel that faces one direction, hijacking our ideas and making all other thought processes seem foolish or irrational. It tricks us into thinking everything is a problem that directly affects us even if these events occur in isolated incidents which can create a selfish, narcissistic world where self-preservation and pleasure are the only things that matter to people.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now…I just can’t help but wonder what the world would look like if everyone’s attention and outrage was focused on others rather than ourselves.

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1 thought on “Our Misguided Focus”

  1. Great article. I agree that if we all focused on what’s truly important – homelessness, racism, hunger, etc. – “what a wonderful world it would be”!

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