Moving Forward, Together

Note to my readers: I have suffered through depression for a very long time and I know finding light within the darkness on that road is not as simple as changing your mindset. I just wanted to share a way that helps me keep a positive perspective…

The two words in the post title have become my motto, my mantra, the last few years. When I decided to include the rest of the world in the practice of the phrase’s meaning, I added an important third word: together. Moving Forward, Together is simple in its meaning, but can get complicated in practice.

After spending years in frustration over life’s inconveniences and unfairness, mourning the losses of loved ones, and dwelling in the pain of my past, waking up each day became a nearly impossible feat. Somehow, I still did.

Stuck in an endless cycle of self-pity brought about by nostalgia and a yearning for the days when things weren’t so difficult, I inevitably got stuck in a rut. I was fixated on the bleakness of the present, assuming things would never get better than what they were, and juggled mixed emotions about both the promise and pitfalls of yesterday.

During one of my never-ending and all too common sleepless nights, I took a long look at what my life had become. It wasn’t all terrible, I’ve been very lucky in many ways and I’ve always had the essentials (food, roof, clothing, people who loved me, and a job). The problem was that I created a habit of festering over things I had no control over. My festering led me to become incapable of seeing the brighter side. But around 3am that night, with tears stuck behind my eyes, I knew it was time for change.

I repeated those two words again and again in my head from that day on; Move Forward, Move Forward, Move Forward.

It took a very long time for my favorite phrase to sink in and show positive effects, but now that it has, it’s easier to get through the day.

I decided on those words because I cannot change the past and can hardly influence the present. It’s so easy to get stuck in a dark place feeling guilt over our mistakes and lack of control–regret from failing at achieving our dreams, remembering those we miss, etc.–that some people never move past them. It creates anger, resentment, and heartache that is often difficult to overcome.

Now, when I find myself becoming consumed by these things, I repeat those words and focus on making a better future for myself. It’s why I’ve created this website, and continue to write my books and short stories; I can focus on the hope that the future brings.

I am not saying to ignore the past as it plays an important role in our growth as people, but I am saying that we should not dwell within it because it is too late to change it now. The present may not be what you want it to be but move forward, focus on the future, and maybe the future-present will be what you’re looking for.

Moving Forward, Together is the slogan for this site because it is what we have to do to create a better world for ourselves and for others. We have to move forward after the monstrous hurricanes that have attacked our people. We have to move forward to rebuild the relations between our neighbors who think differently and move forward by creating a society where people don’t have to be afraid of one another. We all suffer and are all human, but we can all get through it by moving forward, together.

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