Loss in Las Vegas

Note to my readers: This is not a subject to take lightly and is not something to address passively, but this post will be considerably shorter than most. It’s not often I’m unable to articulate my thoughts in the form of writing, but I cannot seem to put them together. There are just too many to process today.

Our nation is in mourning once again–a state of being we are all too familiar with. In case it is not known, there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday. Once more, we are forced to process our grief and confront the tragic events that continue to occur on a daily basis, challenging our ability to see the good in the world.

I’m going to skip everything else I want to discuss about this and get straight to the point (I will write more thoughts later): somebody needs to do something, now. No more pointing fingers at a scapegoat. No more political, religious, or ideological commentary. No more choosing sides. No more ignoring a problem because it hasn’t happened directly to us. No more selfishness…somebody come up with a reasonable solution and let’s just try it. If it fails, let’s try again. Something needs to change.

That’s not to say people aren’t trying. There are those who fight tirelessly, until they can barely stand, to make this world better. It’s all the other factors that hinder us from moving forward.

It’s not just gun violence that we need to worry about either. We need to create a plan where we don’t lose anyone in a future hurricane–let’s find a way to rid our suburbs of the opioid epidemic–let’s get people the help they need when they’re sick.

Death is a part of life. We cannot avoid its inevitability. But the lives that are cut short, and the losses that could be avoided are often the most difficult to process, especially when searching for an answer when there might not be one.

But all of us know that already.

Which brings me to my final thoughts:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry the victim’s friends and family have to continue their lives without someone they love. I’m sorry the world is in the condition it is in; a place where we cannot escape from to have a little fun at a concert, movie theatre, or nightclub. I’m sorry that the victims had to spend their last moments in terror and chaos. I’m sorry for avoiding taking action and choosing comfort and complacency over advocacy, empathy, and humanity.

I must do better. I must do something. We all must.

Life is short. The road for us that survive it is long.

Update 10/3/17: I completely forgot to mention the countless wars, the U.S.’s relationship with North Korea, earthquakes, disease, etc. The list of atrocities can go on forever.

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