It is a Wonderful Life

To our readers: whichever holiday you are celebrating this season we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you’re able to find a little comfort and joy spending these days with the ones you love. Thank you so much for reading our quick thoughts (I promise!) on the holidays! We send our love and best wishes to everyone!

My favorite Christmas film, which is actually one of my favorite flicks of all time, is none other than It’s A Wonderful Life. No other story has been able to rival its ability to put life into such a perspective that both moves, and inspires me every time I watch it (I’ll admit a tear or two falls in the last scene each time too). I’ve only found a handful of characters in other movies and books that were as relatable to me as George Bailey (played by James Stewart), and the message he conveys is as, if not more, relevant today than it was when the film was released. I’ve made a tradition out of watching it every year for those reasons–and because I seem to be a glutton for emotional punishment.

I won’t go into any more depth about the movie if there are some who read this that haven’t seen it. We strongly recommend you do, because the film’s powerful message speaks for itself and no amount of my writing can do it any justice.

It’s a Wonderful Life, and the holidays, are reminders to appreciate what we have in our lives. Hopefully, they put perspective on the kind of people we are, the kind of people we want to be, the importance of the little things, and how we view the world and the people we share it with (with less cynicism, because it’s not all bad).

Holiday’s help celebrate kindness, the act of giving, and sacrifice for the good of others, even when it inconveniences our own benefit or well-being. They remind us to live for humanity, not ourselves, to serve goodness to those around us instead of searching for self-gain and satisfaction. The only downfall is how unfortunate it is that many of us need this time of year to help remember these things.

Like my hero, George Bailey, we sometimes endure hardship or fight against a world that seems to have a vendetta against us and our dreams. Sometimes the bad feels like it outweighs the good, especially when sacrifices and compromises must be made and living without may be the only option, but we can’t lose sight of how important what we have left is. When we lose that, we become desperate like dear ol’ George (I’m avoiding spoilers).

There are days when we dream of what could have been or imagine circumstances being better than the ones we’re in, but we have to look past that and realize the best life we could’ve found has been under our noses the entire time–it may not be perfect, it may be hard sometimes, but it is your life and it should be celebrated.

I promised I’d keep it short (we are all super busy right now, I know!) so we encourage you to take the peace, love and joy you find over the next few days and carry it with you through the next year and the rest of your lives. We don’t need a guardian angel to help us see that it truly is a wonderful life, we merely need to look within to find that what’s most important has been with us the entire time. Be like George Bailey, put others first, forgo the things you think you need, look around, appreciate what you have and spread cheer to others…you may find that you’re the ‘richest person in the world.’

Merry Christmas once again!

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