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Every other month I put out an ad to promote my book, Through the Devil’s Eyes (B & N Link: Here), and it never fails to produce some interesting comments. Many commenters simply miss the point of the premise—a fictional re-examination of the relationship between God and the Devil—while others don’t hold back when expressing their distaste for the idea. My favorites are the threats lodged at my eternal soul (see the last three in the slideshow!!)

There are at least three takeaways we can gather from the people’s responses, all of which are concepts mentioned in the book.

Number one is that god did not create people to be robots or sheep. He created man to think for themselves (free will), but as you’ll see below, it’s obvious many seem to believe without giving it much thought. Does god want an indoctrinated mind/heart or one that came to believe on their own accord (I touch on this a bit more: Here)?

Secondly, Jesus said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” But look at how easily the commenters imposed their judgments. They came to their conclusions without knowing a thing about me and without reading the book.

The last takeaway is partially why I wrote the book in the first place: god has historically ruled by fear and some of his followers tend to do the same. They threaten all who oppose them/god with physical and spiritual violence. Eternal damnation awaits all non-believers, and I can’t think of a more hypocritical claim from a so-called “loving” god, or god-loving people.

For your viewing pleasure, the slideshow below contains some of the more interesting comments I’ve received since the book’s release. Again, the last three are the craziest! Enjoy!
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My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Now Available at Barnes & Noble!
My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Now Available at Barnes & Noble!

Synopsis: God vs. Devil, Good vs. Evil—Who Will Win the Battle for the Souls of Mankind?

Through the Devil's Eyes is Also Available on Amazon!
Through the Devil’s Eyes is Also Available on Amazon!

You’ve Heard God’s Side of the Story. Time to Hear Mine!

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