Independence Day

Concealed behind our nation’s pride is its shame, and Independence Day is more than a celebration of freedom.

History is rife with atrocities. The horrors man has inflicted upon itself are stains on its existence. Perhaps the worst of it is watching as the cycle of history revolves into modern times—lessons from the past have done little to change its course. We must heed them for I fear the worst for our species if we don’t.

Independence Day is here and it should be a day of both reflection and celebration.

We should reflect on the sins of our forefathers and the abhorrent suffering they wrought upon their fellow man but, we should celebrate the sacrifices which ultimately gave us the freedoms we share today. Consider how far we’ve come (still a long way to go); freedom has allowed us to make progress.

While the effects from centuries of oppression continue to wreak havoc within our communities, America is great and worth celebrating—not because of what it was and is, but for what it can be.

Celebrating this day is like celebrating the loss of a loved one—grief stricken, confused, hopeful and optimistic for what comes after.

The cost cannot be repaid but what remains is a directive for those left to carry the torch.

We must live vicariously through the memories of our predecessors and avoid making the same mistakes. It is now our responsibility to acknowledge and measure the damage our ancestors caused and pave a better path forward; specifically for those who suffered and continue to suffer most. History cannot be undone but us, as free folk, should recognize the long-term effects and take the necessary steps to ensure freedom for all.

Our collective goal as a nation should be to right the wrongs of our past by moving forward, together.

Breaking the cycle doesn’t come from carrying guilt over what others have done before you. You are not responsible for the past. You are, however, responsible for the future and past transgressions cannot be corrected by using their methods—hate, fear, intolerance, control—opposite actions need to be practiced to change the course of history.

Compassion, respect, understanding, and love are the only ways to avoid a repeat. It’s about celebrating what we have and ensuring everyone can equally share the freedom apple pie.

Before You Go!

Happy Independence Day!

What do you think? Do you feel we should celebrate or mourn this holiday? Please be sure to voice your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section or contact me directly!

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