Grateful for Freedom

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, but we should keep the cost of freedom in perspective at all times. Our Democracy may not be perfect but, thanks to the sacrifices of those before us, we have the ability to continue improving our nation’s status. I posted a video over Memorial Day weekend containing similar thoughts, reminding viewers that our freedoms should not be taken for granted, which I think you should check out before reading this article (click here to watch the video on YouTube).

Consider this article an addendum to this video.

At War With Ourselves

Based on the small sample of information I review in the media, and the back and forth arguments I read in Facebook comments, our nation is in a war of ideology. Apparently, we’re divided into two sides with irreconcilable stances, and tensions between the tribes continue to escalate. I don’t know how much of this is true or how bad it’s really gotten, and there’s never one party who is completely right or wrong, but I do know, no matter how divided we’ve become, we’re all still one under this great nation.

I’m not saying relationships among our people here in the United States aren’t messy, and I’m not saying our history isn’t shady, but I’m afraid many of us are only focused on the negatives. The fact of the matter is, we should be grateful for the ability to choose our paths in life, air our grievances, have disputes, but still build community with our neighbors and have a beer when the war of words is ended. We can still come together and strive for the common good even if our definitions of the word, or how we get there, differ.

Hundreds of other nations do not share the same privileges we get to enjoy. They do not get to debate. They do not get to protest. They do not get to speak. They do not get to choose, anything. It is all chosen for them, and if the people don’t like it, their government says too bad. The United States gave the power to the people, other nations gave it all to a select few.

Grateful for Freedom

I’m speaking in generalities, but I think that my generation and younger (millennials) don’t fully grasp what it took to become the nation we are today. We didn’t have to see the horrors our parents and grandparents had to see. We didn’t endure what they had to endure (we saw some but not on the same scale as WWII, segregation, or the Great Depression)—for that, I’m grateful as well—but I wish I could put into perspective how wonderful the power of choice is; how often we take for granted even the smallest of freedoms.

I know I’m guilty of being ungrateful myself—I’m sure we all are from time to time—but as I write this, a beer in my lap, my dog at my feet, music I chose playing on my record player in the background—it all has me thinking, this is pretty great. Thank you to those who made this all possible.

Before You Go!

What do you think? Do we take our freedom for granted? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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My Book, Through the Devil’s Eyes, is Now Available at Barnes & Noble!

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Through the Devil’s Eyes is Also Available on Amazon!

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