God is Evil, Hear Me Out

You’ve probably heard the phrase in church or have seen it in countless social media posts, but the consensus among many believers is that God is good. It has become the mantra of many modern theists (specifically those who believe in the Christian god) who primarily believe in the positive aspects of organized religion: spreading messages of love & peace while participating in a community with similar interests—and those are definitely the few good things…

Unfortunately, I do not agree with their assumption.

Before I go any further, please understand that my goal in this article is to challenge conventional thinking and it is not to discourage you from believing that your god is good. We know that those convictions are important and are what helps some of us get through this life because they provide comfort and answers. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll understand why I believe the contrary to be true.

God is Evil.

To me, there’s no doubt about it. Consider this: if God is responsible for the creation of all things, then it created evil; therefore, God is evil. God created man in his likeness…man is evil, therefore God must be like man: evil.

If there is any validity to the information in the Bible, then God created the possibility for human beings to commit evil acts. No one else put the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden; God was the only one capable of doing so. When Eve bit into the fruit provided by the tree, it caused her to see things as God sees them. It also unleashed all the bad things we know of today (death, natural disasters, famines, pain, etc.)

God was already aware of what evil is and created the possibility for humans to experience it. If he didn’t want us to be evil, why did he create the opportunity in the first place?

Also, if the devil and hell are real, then God had to have created them as well. If there were no god, there’d be no devil and no hell.

It’s hard for me to believe God is good considering he created hell and decided a mere lifetime of sin was worth an eternity in hell. Sure, we have free will (not according to several passages in the New Testament) and can avoid hell if we live by God’s rules, but the odds are stacked against most of us because he had the audacity to give us the ability to doubt, question, and believe in other things.

Think about your children or loved ones—if you love them as God claims to love us, would you punish them for the rest of eternity for not believing in you? I doubt you’d want your children to suffer through an eternity of Hell, no matter what crimes they committed, right? You’d still love them, wouldn’t you?

Is an eternity of punishment necessary given how short, in comparison, our time on earth is? Even if the suffering of others on earth was exceedingly terrible, an eternity seems excessive, especially since pain in this life is temporary but the suffering in hell is forever. It would seem God only creates people so they may suffer, in this life and the next.

There is evidence to support my claim.

Many in religious circles paint their god in a positive light to attract potential followers and maintain their existing ones. If the entire Bible was taught instead of just the uplifting parts, and the truth about the Christian god was revealed, not many people would choose this religion and render the others skeptical, at best.

If you’re looking for proof that God is evil, then look no further than the Bible. The passages in this book support my assertion—even the majority of the New Testament (examples of these texts are provided below). The scriptures detail commands, delivered by God, to rape, pillage, and destroy everything in his name. People followed these commands and committed countless atrocities because God told them to.

Being the vengeful, jealous, and angry deity that he is, God committed violent acts on his own. He killed all his “beloved” children in a giant flood, murdered first-born children of non-believers in Egypt, killed King David’s baby after he had an affair, promised endless suffering to those unfortunate enough to be alive during Armageddon, and created endless scenarios that mankind can suffer through (if the Tree of Knowledge had not been there, man would not have known suffering)—based on basic human morality, it doesn’t sound much like a good god to me.

Take for example the following verse where God affirms his own wickedness: “I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the Lord do all these things.”—Isaiah 45:7

Or this verse, spoken by his son Jesus: “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:”—Luke 18:29

Many argue that certain aspects of “God’s Word” shouldn’t be taken literally due to the fact it was written, and therefore manipulated/interpreted/corrupted, by man. They also argue that we should take into consideration the period it was recorded, so much of it does not apply to our current societal standards—that’s fair enough—the concept of god is more believable than the limitations and flaws scripture/man placed upon it.

In Conclusion

The gods of this world are evil, but it’s not to say you shouldn’t believe. Maybe there is some sort of god out there, but I don’t think it is anything like the scriptures describe it as—perhaps it’s just a spiritual thing, and we shouldn’t take the Bible literally/seriously. Either way, if the Christian God is real, and the depictions of it are accurate, I cannot in good conscience follow its teachings because it is evil.

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***Additional verses can be found here: https://www.news24.com/MyNews24/The-14-Most-Abominable-Bible-Verses-20121224

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8 thoughts on “God is Evil, Hear Me Out”

  1. Love this article. Looking forward to reading the comments from other readers. I’m sure many will not respond openly and respond to what was beaten into them as children

    1. I enjoyed you philosophy. I believe that God lives in our heart. When we do good here on earth we feel good. When we do bad we feel bad. Some people never feel good on the inside. I believe that man uses the Bible to control. I believe in some ways it’s a need. To some degree it has been used to make God look evil. Jesus was about love. This is why they crucified him. The history books teach us that. I think God was a lot more stern then Jesus. That’s why God had to change and become man so that he could relate to man. Jesus is the good side of God. That’s why some people are happy inside. I don’t think anyone should follow the Bible. I think all should follow there hearts, because the Bible lives in our soul.

  2. I don’t understand why god can be good but create evil.it doesn’t make sense.i still love god but I don’t like all the violence in the Bible .i hate violence and cruelty.Its downright wrong.i know if I say anything about this I know god would kill me or even worse throw me into he’ll.i don’t like this and I’m scared to death of god.how do I trust someone if they want to hurt me or kill me .I’m really scared.i don’t what to do.i can’t even read the Bible not knowing god is going to curse me.im scared.

    1. Carissa, very well written and so honest. I agree with your thoughts. I feel there are many people that believe the same

    2. Hi Carissa. I appreciate the honesty in your comment and your fear is something I share, even as a non-believer. No matter how confident I am in my belief, I often find myself afraid of facing God’s wrath in this life and for the rest of eternity. You are not alone and I believe there are many out there who feel the same way you and I do. Religious organizations are good at instilling fear into us so that they can bring in as many followers as possible. I believe the Bible was written for similar purposes: man trying to control other men by using messages of violence, hatred, and fear. Those organizations and the Bible take our greatest fears–the unknown–and use them to keep us in a state of endless guilt which brings about fear, making us less likely to abandon those organizations. They do it so we become dependant on them–to the point where we don’t feel safe or comfortable unless we’re fully invested in their ideology. Otherwise, if we don’t buy-in, they threaten us with the concept of hell among other things. So, long story short, I don’t think the Bible and its negative messages should be taken literally. I think if God does exist, it is nothing like what they depict in the Bible. Man has a way of taking something beautiful, like a simple message of a loving creator and twisting it to fit within a more sinister agenda. I know it’s hard but it is possible to shake off those fears. For one, try finding a way to relieve yourself of some of the guilt you may have. Whether it be over your beliefs or the actions you’ve taken, try your best to forgive yourself and allow yourself to process the world around you. This will allow you to let go of some of the worries you may have that God will punish you. If you can forgive yourself then I’m sure god can too. Also, if God created us in his image, then he designed us to question things and I don’t think he’d punish anyone who searches for truth. Lastly, god or no god, life was meant to be enjoyed. Even the Bible says it is a gift and we must not let our fears control us. Otherwise, life would be intolerable. I hope you find some peace of mind and please reach out if you have more thoughts on the matter.

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