Data Breaches: Might as Well Forget About Protecting Your Personal Information

Whether we like it or not, technology is a significant part of our lives in this society. It allows us access to vast amounts of information in a fraction of a second, helps us communicate with others with the click of a button, and generally makes our lives a little bit easier. Some may argue that last point but we can’t deny the progress mankind has made when it comes to technological advancements.

It’s probably safe to say that we’ve become dependent (some may use the word addicted) upon modern advancements to function as individuals and as a society. We rely on various forms of technology for an endless number of reasons, which include: transportation, work-related functions, social media account management, information storage, organization, and endless other personal uses. Almost everything we do is connected to technology in one way or another.

With these advancements, the internet to be specific, comes great risk of exposure from unknown sources or threats. This is evident in the latest breaches and revelations about how our information is stored, researched, managed, and sold.

Facebook recently joined the ever-growing list of entities that betrayed the public’s trust when it comes to maintaining our personal information (you can read about it here) but they are not the first. In 2017 alone, there were hundreds of data breaches and scandals where our information was misused by the entities that saved it.

Remember the incident Target  had a few years back? Millions of people had their credit card information stolen, inspiring a wave of new security measures–likely used to cover corporate butts from potential breaches and lawsuits–but a vast amount of data ended up in the hands of some hackers. Last year, Equifax also had a massive breach where most American adult’s personal information was hijacked. That includes social security numbers, addresses, and the secret questions they ask to confirm your identity.

Fraud and identity theft are no laughing matter yet we continue to put our trust in these entities (type anything into google and it tracks and stores your info…purchase an item on Amazon and it knows what you want to buy next and stores your CC information along with delivery address). Why is that? Why do we continue to push the online data storage if people keep attacking or stealing from us?

Who knows. Maybe it’s because we all know there’s nothing we can do about it because we’re forced to rely on the services the internet provide. Us here at SLLR think it’s because it’s already too late…when you crunch the numbers, pretty much everyone in the U.S has been affected, and if they haven’t, they probably will be at some point.

What we’re trying to say is, it’s not a good idea to just walk around and hand out your information to people, but at the same time, maybe we shouldn’t worry anymore because it’s already too late to stop sinister people from using our data and information how they see fit. We know a lot of people who are sometimes overly concerned with security and it creates a lot of unnecessary stress. To relieve this anxiety, maybe we should use these services less, or not at all, or do as the old song says and sing, “Que Sera.” People’s lives are ruined by fraud and identity theft but things being what they are, what can we really do?

Maybe there’s a ‘reset’ or ‘mass erase’ button somewhere that’ll give everyone new identities and personal information, if so, it might be time to push it.

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