Crisis Overload: Selective Outrage & Addressing One Issue At a Time

Injustices occur around the world daily. New controversies and atrocities are revealed in our media in constant scroll-able streams, with no end in sight. The number of issues sparking outrage feels never-ending⁠—how anyone can keep track of them is beyond me.

It’s so overwhelming and the vast majority of stories are forgotten by the next news cycle. Tell me, how many controversial events in the last few months do you recall? How about from last year? Or the one before?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you can’t remember because I sure don’t recollect much. Life moves quickly and our own troubles often take precedence over others.’

One reason is because we’re in crisis overload.

Besides keeping us in a heaping pit of recyclable rage or desensitizing us to the suffering of others, the consistent exposure to negative news can leave us feeling helpless. The weight of all the reported problems (the ones deemed important or controversial enough to make headlines) can stack up and crush whatever hopes we had/have for humanity⁠—the challenge of making positive change starts to feel impossible.

Eventually, we begin acknowledging a sad truth about our tiny existence:

There’s really not a whole lot we can do about any of it…

I know that sounds like a defeatist’s attitude but considering how little time there is and how busy our lives have become, it’s just not feasible to think our miniscule efforts will change the entire world⁠—unless, everyone quits their jobs and forgo unnecessary possessions and dedicate our lives to the betterment of mankind by living selflessly, but my cynicism doesn’t allow me to believe that’ll happen anytime soon (even for myself 😢).

Expressing outrage on one’s platform of choice seems to be the most popular option when addressing social issues, but the effectiveness of it is yet to be determined. Regardless, no amount of typed words will ever be good enough to combat the problems mankind faces.

We’ve said it before: action is required to see change.

Creating awareness about an issue is important, and with social media being as influential as it is, countless people can be reached. Awareness is one thing, but inspiring others to take action is an entirely different challenge (which we’ll discuss in a later article).

To create a better world we must focus our attention on what we have the means to change. We go to work, support ourselves and families, so the clock is working against us, but we must do what we can when we can. It does us no good being angry about every problem because we cannot fix every problem.

Instead of getting mad about everything we see in the news, we should be selective in our outrage so we can isolate a problem and attack it effectively. There will always be something out there that will upset us. As long as we live we will face evils, but if we focus on one thing at a time, perhaps we can cross it off the list then address another.

The world’s issues are like the tasks you have in your job: if you try to do everything at once, you hardly make a dent in your entire workload. You start to feel you’re being suffocated by all that needs to be done and you’re so overwhelmed that you just want to quit. Your blood boils, you can’t focus because you’re juggling a million things at once, and you get frustrated—all while the amount of work on your desk increases and will never stop coming at you.

Sometimes, it’s better to just focus on one thing at a time, fix an individual problem, then move onto the next. That way, the progress made can be seen which will make our endeavors seem less hopeless. With time, the issues will begin to decrease, hopefully.

We may not fix the entire world that way, but we can take pride ridding the world of one small evil at a time.

Side note: it’s okay to be dismayed by everything going on, but don’t just get mad, take action! Also, choose an issue closest to your heart and address it the best you can. It’ll mean more and you might find success in that over combating every injustice.

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