All Roads Must End Someday

Every road we walk, with all the twists and turns, lead us to one destination in the end. It doesn’t matter how smooth or bumpy the ride is, how many detours we take, or the speed in which we travel, there’s no denying the inevitable fact that all roads will close for us someday. When our journey is nearly complete and we look at the trail left behind us, what will we think of the steps we’ve taken?

Currently, many of us are stuck at a fork in the road built with an infinite number of prongs and no clue which direction to go. Searching for our place in the world, we wander aimlessly in the dark, either taking a random step forward while holding our breath, praying the route we choose is the correct one, or hoping a path will select itself for us.

 Sometimes we can choose our roads but there are many more times when circumstance picks them for us. If we realize this, we may learn to understand that the best we can do is keep moving forward and to choose the path we believe will guide us to the future we desire so that life (circumstance) can’t force us down detours we never intended to take. 

Life is a beautifully complex and painful experience. Not one person experiences it the same way as another, but sharing in the uniqueness of the adventure is where we find our similarities. Our search for purpose, our susceptibility to fear and pain, our ability to give and receive love, and our never-ending quest to find truth in a world filled with lies is what ties us together in this human experience. Knowing this, and knowing all too well the suffering that can be inflicted upon us should not only motivate us to find the best/ideal destination for ourselves and loved ones, but to guide those who suffer similarly or worse.

There probably won’t be many answers when we reach the end of the road–we might have even more questions than when we started our journey–but we must take the path that provides us enough avenues to grow within our experiences and allows us to say we tried to find as many answers we could. We cannot change the world but maybe we can make a dent as we search for truth and help others along this wonderfully painful, confusing, unpredictable and magnificently fascinating road we walk. 

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1 thought on “All Roads Must End Someday”

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful message. This life journey is tough, it is so nice when someone like yourself tries to give encouragement. Everyday we need an reminder of hope that it is going to be just fine. Thank you for writing such a positive message

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