A Commonplace Trend in Our Media

Lately I’ve been noticing several trends in our media, and they’re becoming difficult to ignore. With the primary elections right around the corner and heightened political tensions between parties, these once hidden trends are being exposed.

When Obama was president, I remember his political counterparts going through extreme lengths to block his every move. Not only that, but they did everything in their power to discredit him while making silly justifications for impeachment.

There seemed to be no limit to their efforts to scrutinize, villanize, and attack the president (remember the mustard criticisms? How about the birth certificate drama?), while the left did nothing but worship the ground he walked on.

I see the same thing happening with our current president.

I’m not saying certain criticisms or actions taken against this president aren’t justified, I’m merely pointing out similarities between these two eras.

When Donald Trump became president, there seemed to be a shift in tone by the media and those who align with the left. All of a sudden, the entire world was ending: the people on the right have lost their minds, all of our freedoms are under attack, and everything the president does will result in the demise of the United States (it might…time will tell). But according to the media/supporters on the right, the world is in tip-top shape and getting better.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

That’s because those who align with the right were saying and doing the exact same things when the previous administration was in charge. The Tea Party was organized and a battle arose over the social identity of this nation. Conservatives fought progressives in an epic showdown over moral supremacy that continues to this day.

What’s interesting about this is that both sides blame the other—not one takes responsibility for the disruption/division caused by this fight. It’s always the opposition who inflicted the doom and gloom upon us, right?

The media and those who are all-in on their opinions are good at pointing fingers, which is why we see a lot of them being waved as of late.

Another point to consider: look at ALL the candidates running in the Democratic primaries.

I remember those of us on the left once laughing at Republicans because of the lack of unification within their own party and the idiocy of having so many candidates running. But look at the Democrats now! The right-wingers are laughing just as hard as the left did.

Dems, like the Repubs a few years ago, are too busy fighting among themselves.

My last example—although there are countless others—is Trump’s & most Republican leaders call to lock Hillary Clinton in prison.

Everything I read and everyone I knew who supported the left defended her innocence. They scoffed at Republican lawmakers for frivolously spending money on a pointless investigation (there were other pointless investigations during Obama’s presidency, but this was the most memorable one worth mentioning).

Leftists continuously derided how stupid the investigation was (turns out it was pretty stupid), but the pattern repeats itself yet again. Consider the investigations/trials pushed by the left over the last couple of years. The right argues that the Democrats are being irrational and playing political games to gain an advantage.

Same. Exact. Things. Keep. Happening.

Now, we’ve got Nancy Pelosi saying we should lock him up’…here we go again.

It’s discerning how the media and our political leaders portray the status of our society based on who sits in the oval office. Perhaps more concerning is the people who buy into the frenzies they create, further fueling every media outlet’s ultimate agenda (to get clicks).

Is the world falling apart or is it better than ever? Depends on which side you’re on, I suppose.

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