2018 Resolution: Keep Moving Forward

Another year has flown by in a hurry and there’s nothing indicating this one will slow its pace. In fact, with each year that passes, time seems to have a way of speeding up, making the years shorter and shorter. We believe the acceleration of time inevitably generates a renewed sense of urgency to live life while we have it because we are faced with the fact that each year lived, equals one less we have left to experience–depressing thought, I know.

This is why so many of us make resolutions–we want to better ourselves and improve our lives before another year goes by and it becomes too late to remedy our circumstances. Unfortunately for many of us, we will fall back into the same routines or see little to no improvement from last year to the end of this one, either resulting in regression or stagnation that tends to repeat itself again and again until it’s too late to change anything (information on this can be found here).

We all need to do our best and stick to our guns in order to break this cycle and see significant change.

One of our many resolutions here at Short Life Long Road is to continue Moving Forward. Sure there were countless ups and downs throughout 2017 (judging by the majority of social media posts, there seems to be more downs than ups) but we hope not to forget them, but to reflect and learn from them so we might assist others with the knowledge, wisdom, and growth we’ve been lucky enough to obtain through this year’s experiences. We believe that if we keep moving forward, we can better ourselves and better the world around us.

We aim to do this in a handful of ways: the first is by not letting the news, social media, and other sources of information alter our perspectives in a negative way. Last year, we found that the more of it we consumed, the more likely our point-of-views were to become negative or closed us off to other objective ways of thinking. We learned that we should gather perspective via our surroundings instead of the picture painted on the internet, tv, and movies. Change starts with the individual first and we think this could have a positive effect.

Secondly, we don’t want to lose sight of where change comes from. This site was started to promote objective thinking through positive discussion, and if only one person gets something encouraging, positive, or thought-provoking out of it, we consider it a success and hope to continue thinking that way at the end of the year. Change occurs through positive experiences with other people…even if it’s just one person.

And lastly, this one is more personal but still relevant to the second goal, we want to address personal and social problems one item at a time. We will continue to write about many issues, but in our daily lives attempt to focus on little victories in the hopes of achieving bigger ones in the future. We are doing this because we know that our society is bombarded with far too much information and can’t even begin to know where to start to fix all the issues in the world, not to mention those on an individual level. If we check-off one item on the endless list, it may not feel so overwhelming and may give us a sense of control we sometimes don’t get otherwise–making us feel better, which will hopefully transfer onto others.

I said it once and will say it again: change starts with the individual.

To achieve the above will be difficult as the road ahead is often bumpy and it is easy to get lost, but we plan on staying the course this year and all the years to come.

What are your New Years resolutions? We are very curious to hear about them…let us know in the ‘Comments’ section below!

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